Thursday, November 30, 2006

Colour by David Hornung

I have been reading this book entitled Colour by David Hornung. I find it very interesting. It is geared for artists and designers. He is a teacher and presents a series of color exercises to help you re sensitize your color sensibilities. He is solidly based in the teachings of Hans Hoffman, Josef Albers and Johannes Itten. I know I have a tendency to get into color ruts and need to be jolted out of them. I am planning on doing all the exercises in the book and see where it takes my work. Stay tuned.


Benjamin said...

I am not a skilled artist whatsoever, but I would love to be. I was wondering if this book would be recommended to a beginner, and if not, do you have a book in mind that you could recommend to me? I really love your art style, it is very "warm". Maybe I will check out your stuff on eBay! Good luck, and keep up the good work.


Medini said...

Beautiful paintings !

Linda Warner Constantino said...

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.