Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why Sell Paintings Online?

Certainly with the advent of 20th century Modern art, the whole idea of the museum or gallery space has been challenged and with some art forms becoming obsolete. I will always enjoy going to museums. They are so experiential. I have also found selling my art online to be very satisfying. I love working small. It is very intimate. It is staggering to know that what I am doing can be seen anywhere in the world. I check the google analytics and see that my work has been seen in China, Indonesia, Turkey, India and South Africa to name a few. It is really quite remarkable. Galleries are great, do not get me wrong. It just so expansive and limitless online. I have always called the Internet "the outer space of information." Now one artist alone in her studio can connect her art to others on her own terms. It is a celebration of what it means to be entrepreneurial and it keeps me painting. Galleries will always be around but the Internet is such an exciting new venue for art.


Mousie said...

hello dear, saw your mail on blogger review...why don't you used a label "sold" for the paintings you've sold???that would be an easy way...and a pity we can't post comment under each paintings...your blog is very nice...see you

Lindaart said...

I am working on a revised site where comments can be made under the paintings.
I know just enough html to be dangerous so I am getting someone to help me.
Thanks you for looking.

The Black Rider said...

nice stuff. i use google analytics too. it is nice to see how far the web reaches in such a short time.

i like the still lifes you have. pretty inspiring.


Linda .... Did you solve your archive problem ?

Lindaart said...

No Bob I have not. Any suggestions would be welcome.