Sunday, July 29, 2007

MFA in Illustration

All images Copyrighted © 2006 by Linda Warner Constantino

I finally finished by MFA in Illustration from The Hartford Art School Low Residency MFA program. It was a tremendous amount of hard work, particularly in June and July but it was well worth it. I worked with some wonderful illustrators like Nancy Stahl and Jean Tuttle. Lisa Cyr was full of energy and great ideas as she taught self-promotion. This last contact period was intensive and culminated in the MFA Thesis Project show which was accompanied by a written thesis.

I met so many people and became so inspired, not to mention completing the terminal degree in my teaching field of illustration. I am forever grateful to Murray and Carol Tinkelman.

What you see is a booklet and promotional card for a series of watercolor illustrations that I will be marketing. They differ from my Small Painting Works and represent another facet of my interest as an artist and illustrator. Now back to my small paintings.

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