Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Figs - Sold

Copyright © 2007 by Linda Warner Constantino - oil on linen board 5"h by 7".

I painted this one outside in a bit of dappled light. It is always a challenge to chase the changing light.


Anonymous said...


I love your paintings either on oil on linen or watercolors. We both are members of Blogger Review group and I saw your blog there, then I joined it to get updated postings.

It would be a gift for me if I could divulge your name someway in my blog
(as I added Babelfish and Google translator) you can understand what I wrote in Portuguese. I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

There is a possibility if you prepare a short text if you have or had any connection with Brazil or intend to paint related themes. is the other possibility but I want to have the privilege to be the first one to show here your womderful use of colors and technique.


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Dena Braves said...

Like your work, Linda. I think the figs are my favorite.