Monday, September 03, 2007

"One Tomato"

Copyrighted ç 2007 by Linda Warner Constantino. Oil on linen board. 5"h by 7"w. Available for $100 unframed. Email me if interested.

I am working on a commission for a painting of tomatoes. I put up this study that I painted. It was a challenge working with reds and oranges. Some warm pigments are more opaque than others. Even though white cools colors I added some to the warms to get a better working opacity. A white cloth with a blue stripe through it, to me, is symbolic of a clean French kitchen. Just me.

It finally stopped raining and I going to head out and seize the day. I hope you enjoy my painting.

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wanda knight said...

Your "One Tomato" is a winner. the red tomato and the blue in the towel work together to make this a winner. I also like the composition.

Your Pisgah Pottery painting is wonderfully painterly. I have a few pieces of Pisgah that I really enjoy.

Thank you for your nice comment on my "Orange Bowl" painting.