Monday, September 08, 2008

Website Re-design & New Watercolor Blog

I have been spending two weeks in my pajamas updating my website I seem to work best that way when it comes to computer stuff. I am not a website wizard. I designed it in Photoshop and then brought it into Dreamweaver. I know just enough code to be dangerous but I have never had qualms about diving in and trying things. I need to get it to load faster. I am working on that. May main goal was to put my watercolors, illustrations and oil paintings in once place under one name because my ancient illustration site is under Linda Warner.

I started my Wet Watercolors Blog (like my others) to keep me painting and accountable to someone other than myself. I will mostly talk about watercolors(so much technical stuff) and put up studies and watercolor sketches that I paint. I will also write about influences and books and materials that are helpful to me and possibly others.


Takeyce said...

Linda - the new site is awesome! Kuods to you for doing it all yourself. It looks very professional is very easy to navigate.

Takeyce said...

*kudos!* LOL!