Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Last Meyer Lemon of the Year

Copyrighted © 2008 by Linda Warner Constantino - oil on gessoboard - 6" by 6".

I am now on my winter break and have more time to get back to painting. I admit to being a bit rusty and having lost a little contact with my brushwork. I had to wipe this one off and start again.

This is the last Meyer lemon off of one of my trees in the front yard. They are just the most beautiful lemon color and smell and taste so good.


Vickie said...

I am always amazed at your lights and shadows and all of the colors in them. The lemon is just glowing with color. Well done.

Linda Warner Constantino said...

Thanks for your comments Vickie! Glad you are still stopping by. I got pretty busy with school this past quarter. Its funny when I am away from painting for too long I feel like I am forgetting everything kind of like exercising. I am heading out early in the morning to paint.Who knows how it will go.