Sunday, March 08, 2009

Girl in a Straw Hat

Copyrighted © by Linda Warner Constantino. 8" by 10" oil on canvas board.

Girl in a Straw Hat

I like to put up a portrait study every once in a while. I was never brave enough to be a full time portrait painter but I do love painting portraits.

My quarter is nearly over the winter session at school which was totally hectic. I need a break even if it is only a week.I am excited that I have enough participants for my Plein Air Painting in Tuscany workshop. We are going the last part of June.(There is still some room if you are interested.) I think it will be beautiful and most memorable. I love to travel and for me plein air painting is such a great way to savor the memories of a particular place. There is a remote chance I will be painting in France too, this summer. If it works out I will of course funnel the experience through this blog so stay tuned.


Vickie said...

Lovely. It makes me want the warm straw hat weather to come. So well done.

Linda Warner Constantino said...

Thanks Vickie!
It was in the 80s here today! The seasons change so abruptly here.
thanks for commenting as always!

Pickledeel said...

Wow, not brave enough to paint portraits?! Seems to me you have all the bravery you need - this is excellent.