Monday, June 08, 2009

Between the Showers

Copyrighted © 2009 by Linda Warner Constantino - 8" by 10"- oil on gessoboard.

When I woke up this morning it looked ominous. We have been having a lot of rain lately, but it cleared and got very hot around 8:30 am and out I went. This location is actually behind the local mall! I tried to work quickly but without reworking my strokes. I have found with gessoboard it helps to use a medium (classic - mineral spirits, stand oil, linseed oil) otherwise the porous nature of the board sucks the oil out of the paint and looks chalky the next day. I also like the consistency of the medium on this surface. When painting on oil primed linen I usually do not feel the need for a medium.


Anonymous said...

Two beautiful new works; it is good to see them.
Your teaching schedule must not be as busy right now.
I have got to get busy now, too. 2 attempts at new studio space haven't worked out, but this 3rd time hopefully will be a charm.
Dona S

Linda Warner Constantino said...

I have June and July off. It try to paint most every day. Trust me all the paintings are not keepers. I belief my good paintings are the sum of my bad paintings. I am really looking forward to painting in Italy next week. Dream come true for me.
Thanks for commenting.