Saturday, February 17, 2007

Painting Landscapes and Still Lifes

The landscape and still life are timeless subjects for my paintings. I think because they have been done so often throughout history they are that much more challenging. For me specifically, they are a way to connect to something very elemental in my life. I am not sure there are words to describe this. In fact it is more so because there are no words that I feel compelled to express myself through these works. I feel a deep connection to the earth and the fruits of the earth. I read somewhere that man may tire of tall high rise buildings but he never tires of what nature has created. Maybe that is why we always appreciate a good view; even pay good money for it. For me painting a landscape is my way of appreciating and expressing my feelings about nature and a good view. I never take this for granted. Just looking at the clouds can take my breath away. Still lifes are about the beauty of shapes and color for me. All the fruits and vegetables are so unique in color form and texture. I try to celebrate this in my paintings. As I have said in earlier blogs, in the summer I grow my own vegetables and some lemons and enjoy painting them before eating them. I like to see underlying abstract design or composition in my work and I try to keep by brushwork loose and interpret rather than record. It is really kind of a spiritual thing for me. Painting is just something I have to do.


txdave said...

Really nice painting, I'd blow them up larger which you can do with PICASA, google's free pic organizer which you can get at bottom of my blog.

Little more info on each work might be of interest to.

Important to look at writing from readers' point of view: is this picture of interest, does the writing speak to a variety of people?

See wht I mean:

good luck


Curtis Verdun said...

It seems that there are far too many artists that simply try to duplicate what they see. Obviously you understand that real art is something that is created and not copied. You strive to create new visions based on landscapes and still-lifes. From the looks of your work, you achieve that very nicely.

Lindaart said...

Thank you very much!
I find painting from life forces me to interpret and respond to what I am seeing. Though I do work from my own photographs at times, I learn so much more painting from life.