Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Flowers-Sold on Ebay

Oil on Linen Canvas Board 6" by 8" - © 2007 Linda Warner Constantino

I used a limited palette on this painting, too. My friend at a local nursery picked these for me. They hung around for a couple of days so I had to paint them before they were gone. I don't often paint flowers but I gave these a try.


jeisea said...

Hi Linda
Your paintings have a certain vibrancy. I really like them. I painted portraits before I smashed my wrist and developed a pain syndrome. I take photos and look at natural ways of helping myself. My blogs

I envy you. Make the most of your time. You never know what the future holds.

Lindaart said...

Thank you for your nice comments. It happens that during my reckless youth I broke my collar bone and rib on my left side and I am left handed. I have developed chronic pain issues on my left side. Of course this happened when I really wanted to paint more!
Part of the reason I paint small is to work around this. I also read about a painter who only paints for 20 minutes at a time and forces himself to take a break to keep from getting to tense and revving up a cycle of pain. So I do this too.
I also teach Photoshop and painting digitally with a Wacom tablet. I find that this helps me think and work like a painter with a totally different posture set and no mess to clean up.
Good luck with your quest for relief. I will check out your site.

The Poiriers' Blog said...

I know I am a guy, but I love these flowers! I dont know what it is but they are awesome. Great work! I love your tropical pics also!

Lindaart said...

Thank you so much for your comments!!!! - Especially since this was the first floral I have put up on my blog.