Sunday, March 11, 2007

Late Day Marsh Landscape - Sold on eBay

Oil on Linen Canvas Board 6" by 8" - © 2007 Linda Warner Constantino

This marsh painting was done with a limited palette using cadmium red light, cadmium yellow light, ultramarine blue, winsor green, and titanium white. I try to keep a more limited palette when painting outside.


Pickled Eel said...

What an amazing talent - I love all these paintings. Enough to make me want to dust off the old oil tubes. Have linked you up on my blog - hope you don't mind.


Lindaart said...

Thank you so much you have made my day as I am facing a slew of student work to grade. I am looking forward to a week break. I will putting some watercolors up soon.
i will also look at your site.


Pickled Eel said...

No problems. You paint like I like to paint (and would like to paint!) - deft and fast strokes and blocks of colour and light. But with far greater skill than I. I love the still lifes - I enjoy doing those too but ceramics are something that still elude me.