Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Watercolor Landscape

Pasadena Bungalow in Watercolor

I am painting watercolors everyday now that school is out and I am preparing work for my MFA Thesis exhibit. Here is a watercolor of an Arts and Crafts style bungalow that captured my attention while in Pasadena last fall. I believe it is the Duncan Irwin House.It seemed so integrated with all the natural growth around it. I also live in an Arts and Crafts style home and love this period of architecture.

I did this in my sketchbook on Khadi rough paper. It looks a lot tighter because it is so much smaller on screen. It is really about 10" by 12." It is interesting how scale changes everything. The painting is really pretty loosely painted. I have been working small for so long that to even work this large felt huge.

Copyrighted ©2007 by Linda Warner Constantino


drb said...

I strive for this sort of loose look, but rarely achieve it. The blue on the tree in the foreground works well, too.

Linda Warner Constantino said...

Thanks for your comment. It is difficult to see on the internet how the Khadi rough paper encourages and kind of looseness. I just find that the surface I work on makes such a difference. This is true of oils an watercolors. If the surface is too smooth I do not respond to it.

Mike said...

Hey Linda . . .

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting today. I still think there is a kindered spirit tween us . . . .what with your watercolor work and mine. I love this piece of the Pasadena house. Seen a lot of em and this rings the bell!

good on ya!