Thursday, July 31, 2008

Clouds II - Landscape

Copyrighted © by Linda Warner Constantino. Oil on canvas panel - 6"h by 8"w. Click on image to view larger. Click here to purchase.

Thunderhead clouds are like the "mountains of the South." You sense their massive size just by looking. These clouds were like out of a Cecil B. DeMille movie. I kind of felt like some kind of miracle was going to happen at any moment! :)

I painted is on a different surface than I usually use.I usually use a #13 Classens double primed linen. This is a medium surface canvas panel. Photoshop picks up the texture more. If I try to hard to downplay it it looks blurry. This is pretty true to how it looks.


Dona Spillane said...

Your work is gorgeous. I got the same feeling finding your blog that I have when I log onto Julian Merrow-Smith's site, a catch your breath gasp. Just wonderful!
I found your link there under comments today.
Thank you,
Dona Spillane

Linda Warner Constantino said...

What a lovely comment! You made my day.
I am sitting here paying bills itching to get back to painting.
Thanks again,

Dorothy Fagan said...

Linda, what lovely paintings! I invite you to submit some of your work to be published in a book I am writing called, 'If I am the Earth." You can find out more about it on I have this vision of artists who speak for the Earth coming together in a collective voice on behalf of the earth. I think your work speaks that eloquently!

Dorothy Fagan, PSA