Thursday, August 07, 2008

Eggplant Sailboat - Seascape

Copyrighted © 2008 by Linda Warner Constantino. 6" by 6". oil on linen panel.

I got up early to paint this at 7am due to the heat. I have been wanting to paint this boat for a while. Maybe I liked it because it is the color of an eggplant.(Sounds a bit crazy) but it sort of looked like one sitting there in the water.

Any way, boats beat me up. I took this painting back to the studio and finally ended up repainting it. As usual I was attracted to the colors and shapes and the way the light was hitting it. I really wanted to stay loose with this one.(Re-occuring theme) because there would have been way too much to paint if I got committed to detail. I think technical things scare me so I tried to just regard it as shapes and color in a very interpretive manner.I have a feeling boats are going to a big theme when I go up to my workshop in Canada.


Alina said...

Hello again, I loved the technique, it's a really nice painting, i am always visiting your blog to check your work sorry for not commenting on everything i am a bit lazy i think :P, but really you are so talented and all your work is great!
by the way check my last post on, i did something new if you got some time comment :) thanks!

Linda Warner Constantino said...

It was kind of a fun little piece to paint.