Saturday, February 28, 2009


Copyrighted © 2009 by Linda Warner Constantino.


6"by 6" oil on gesso board.

$100 plus $5 shipping. Email me if interested.

It's hard to believe I have not posted in almost a month. I am teaching an overload at school and designing and illustrating a wine label. It has been just crazy!

So getting back to the easel has been approach/avoidance. I wanted to paint but was afraid I forgot everything. Why is that? I also did not know how I would paint it. There is part of me that can be as tight as a botanical illustrator (in watercolors at least) and another part of me that so enjoys a loose painterly approach to realistic subject matter.

I decided to photograph the stages of this painting on the left. Of course this put the pressure on it to be a great painting but I decided to do it anyway. I am still mourning the loss of my good camera that I dropped in the tub a few months ago(do not ask). The camera I am using is alright but does not take as good photos. Anyway, here are the stages.

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