Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rome: Tuesday June 15

The first rain day in Rome!! I decided to take this opportunity to shop for presents for my family. I would have no problem if they wanted art supplies. I walked all over Trastevere in the rain and then up the via del Corso(totally impacted with tourists) trying to find stuff. Very little luck. I try to buy things MADE IN ITALY but so much is made in India. The aesthetic is lost. Maybe I will have better luck in Florence later in the month.

In order to get my painting in for the day I did little sketches in my room while listening to Itunes. The image above is a basket of bread. I loved the colors. The dark one looked like it was made with india ink. Down right blue black.

Here is a watercolor of the place I painted the day before with scooter.

I just could not walk past this bouganvilia.The color is like lipstick. I liked the simplicity of the shapes around it.

I have been thinking that I should have done a food blog too because I did not have a bad meal here. My favorite places are the Paris Ristorante in Trastevere and the Armando de Pantheon (slow food)right by the Pantheonon. My favorite dessert was fried riccotta cheese from the Paris Ristorante.

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