Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rome: Monday June 14

My newly found painting friend Jean Cauthern who is also teaching a workshop in Tuscany and I went to the Trastevere area to paint in oils. So I shifted mediums for while we are painting. It is nice to have someone to paint with and talk "tech" with because everyone has their on unique ways of painting and she is a seasoned plein air painter.

I started off very small 6 by 8 inches. I liked the way this little corner was lit. There was a moped parked under the fresco but it soon left and i knew it would be paint it so small.

Here is a picture of me painting. My eyes kind of look closed. Of course we received lots of comments from the locals. They seem proud they we came all the way from America to paint their streets. Below is a view of the Pantheon Piazza. It is usually swarming with people and is near my hotel.

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