Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rome: Saturday - June 12

I got up and headed down to the Trastevere area across the Tiber river. It is about a 30 minute walk. Believe me I am walking all over the place. Not only do you see more but it helps keep the pasta weight off. I just love the sense of discovery of walking around and seeing a scene that nearly knocks you over and you have to paint it. It was a bit hazy so the light was not real strong so I tried to go more for shapes and values. There was a corner bar with a big sign that said BAR. It looked so graphic, I decided to paint it. Once again, an Italian lady came up to me a told me I was painting the window of her apartment. She seemed very proud.

Here is a photo of my painting setup in the Botancial Gardens.This is what I have been schlepping around.

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Karma by Morgan said...

I love your little set up! I am glad the chair worked out :) xoxo