Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rome: Friday - June 11

I went back to near where the market was located from the day before an planted myself across from a restaurant called Maccheronis.I ate there the night before - a very busy place with lots of energy in the air. As I was painting a man came over and showed me the window a few floors above was where he lived. He was so excited that I was painting his building.

I have to say I feel a little like a bag lady with all my gear in my wheeled backpack with my folding chair and easel and sometimes an umbrella. I paint standing up with oils but for some reason I prefer to sit down when painting in watercolors. Oh well either way it always feelslike I am shlepping too much stuff.

Afterwards I headed over by the Pantheon to paint. I got all set up and the police told me I had to move. That was it, it was so hot that I just headed back to the room to re-group and wound up painting some little studies there. Later I moved up to the roof top of the hotel which i may have mentioned is my favorite spot, and did some little vegetables studies. I will post one of the squash blossom later because I forgot to photograph it.Meanwhile,here is another little restaurant study.

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