Friday, June 11, 2010

Rome: Thursday, June 10

Today I got up and went to a nearby open market in Piazza della Coppella. It was a small neighborly space unlike the Campo dei Fiori. I got all set up to paint and then I was asked to move because the nearby restaurant was starting to set up their outdoor tables. I hate packing up once I get situated but it turns out my new spot was really a better composition. Italians are endlessly curious about art. They will come up and stand behind you and just watch. A little old lady came up and wanted to buy my painting. Perhaps I could make a living here! It is always flattering by you never know what price they have in mind. I told her needed it for a show but directed her to my website and got her email. So I guess we could be "pen pals" now.

After I finished my painting I bought some fruit and veggies and brought them back to the hotel. The fruit I painted below is some fruit I never heard of before but a lady vendor insisted I try it. You peel the thin skin and there are one or two slippery beans(seeds) inside it. They tasted delicious. I ate the whole bunch. I will have to go back and check out the name.

By this time of day it was so hot out. I coul not take it anymore and I went up on the roof of the hotel and painted some of the produce in my botanical sketchbook but it was still so hot. I finally quit and went a got some gelato while trying to get into the Academy di San Luca to see if I could see the work of Italian still life painter Giovanna Garzoni(from 1670s) but unfortunately the gallery is closed right now. Perhaps I can see some in Florence.

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Linda Warner Constantino said...

Johan one of my blog followers researched the name of the fruit, so here it is:
Your watercolor with the foreign fruits did interest me very much and so I wished I could define the fruit with a textbook .Equivalent of the typical characteristics that I found in your watercolor study, I perhaps could define the plant... "Japanese medlar" lat. "Eriobotrya japonica." According to your description of the nuclei (2 or more)... they have a similarity with the apple... it has a lot to commend it for this plant- species.The fruits you can find on the open markets of villages and towns of the Mediterranean regions. The Italians call this fruit "Nespolo".

Thanks, Johann