Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rome: Wednesday, June 9

I was forced to spend the morning writing my quarterly report for school. With all the hoopla before I left it totally slipped my mind.

In the afternoon I headed to the area known as Trastevere across the river. It has lots of little winding streets and shops.Shoes for sale everywhere! Hard to resist. I was trying to find the Rome Botanical Gardens and the walk should have only taken 30 minutes but for me it got to be an hour before I finally asked someone. Since I was standing in front of the Spanish Embassy it is only natural that I picked someone who was Spanish speaking to ask directions. Fortunately, she had a friend who spoke English and redirected me and I was at the garden in no time. Since it was now early afternoon it was brutally hot. I left the gardens to eat and get something to drink. I sat in a little outdoor cafe and an painted this little painting while eating my mushroom pizza. Afterwords I headed back to the gardens. I took lots of pictures and did another small study. Below is the view of the greenhouse that wish I had had time to paint.

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