Friday, August 06, 2010

Colle Val d'Elsa

Colle Val D'Elsa - 4 by 5". Watercolor on Khadi - Sketchbook. © 2010 by Linda Warner Constantino.

I had just finished a larger painting and I was still wanting to paint. So I decided to paint whatever was in front of me. I do this once in a while as a challenge - to try and make something ordinary interesting. I was taken by the light and shade. It was a little outdoor cafe in a town about a half an hour north of Spannocchia. I think I got the feeling of light and shade. Some details are a bit wonky because I went back into it after I was done. For me watercolors are a constant reminder of the imperfections of life. There is a certain beauty to how the watercolor tends to wander around the page and do its own thing. I keep trying to remember to let it be. Don't over mother it, should be my mantra. :)

On another note - I went to see the botanical exhibit of the works of PA Kessler at the Art Center here on Hilton Head. The paintings are mostly of orchids and they are simply unbelievable! She is a true botanical artist whose dedication to detail is beyond impressive. Her work reveals knowlege, sensitivity, creativity and craft at the highest level. You will be impressed if you go see it.

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