Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sketchbook - Gardens at Spannocchia

Carmen's Gardens - 4 by 5 in.- Watercolor Sketchbook

I cannot say enough about the vegetable gardens at Spannocchia. Carmen is the gardener and you just know she loves what she does. She knows the terraced beds like they were her own children. She can tell you what has been planted there in the past and what will go in next. She really has a roll going because the vegetables are used in cooking the meals at Spannocchia and they utilize as much as they can from the gardens.

When you take a cooking class at Spannocchia they start with a garden tour conducted by Carmen and you can tell she is so knowledgeable just by the way she talks about the plants. I find myself gravitating to the garden at least once a day while I am there. This view is from the bottom of the hill looking up the terraced gardens. The two little dark doorways lead to Carmen's office. I painted this as a demo for my students on how to simplify because there is a lot to see from this view. By they way, if you want to know if it is going to rain, just ask Carmen.

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