Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Sketchbook - Spannocchia

Spannocchia Doorway - 4 by 5 in. - Watercolor Sketchbook.

This doorway is always the same when I pull up to Spannocchia. I love the way the grape vines shade the doorway and the geraniums sit on the window sill over the sink. I did this sketch before my workshop students arrived to warm up.

Road from Casseta al Leccia - 2 by 5 in.- Watercolor Sketchbook.

I am a sucker for greens. I liked the way this little road was surrounded by different shades of green. It is really almost nearly abstract. Sometimes I just like to take an ordinary view and paint it with a little inspiration. I think it was John Singer Sargent who claimed you should be able to walk out the door and paint whatever you see. However, I must say it is hard to find a view in Tuscany that is not already stunning. One day, while walking back to Spannocchia on this road, I picked wildflowers and did not pick the same kind twice. I wish I had had the time to paint them. Next year...


katherine said...

These are beautiful, Linda!

Linda Warner Constantino said...

Thanks Katherine!
I am a lover of sketchbooks and watercolors.

Charles Flaum said...

Inspiration! Antique Brass Picture Light